Jessica Erin Thacker (Illinois)

Jessica Erin Thacker is based at 11LL, Thacker Airport, Chenoa, Illinois.

I have grown up in a world of aviation! My dad flies for United as a 777 captain. He and I are coworkers as I am a flight attendant for United. My family also flies for recreation at home. My dad was my instructor for my first solo flight and majority of my PPL requirements. I learned to fly in a Super Cub!

I’ve always been complimented for learning to fly in a taildragger. Apparently it’s a lot more rare than I thought! I just finished my PPL June 9, 2017 in a Cessna 172. I want to keep flying and earning my ratings. My dream is to fly for a commercial airline.

Ratings: Private Pilot

Aircraft flown: Super Cub, Cessna 172

Dream taildragger: Stearman

I love taildraggers because they are what I learned to fly in!

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