Jessica Marin (Florida)

Jessica Marin is based at KHWO, North Perry Airport, Hollywood, Florida.

Hello everyone! My name is Jessica. I’ve always had a calling for fly anything with gas and oil! I’ve recently received my tailwheel endorsement and I’m in love. I’ve chosen this as a career and now it’s getting to the time where I’m being called off to the airlines but I know I’m going to miss general aviation so much. I’ve been having thoughts about partnering for ownership of a taildragger! I hope that this group helps with that and much more!

Excited to join this group of ladies!!

Ratings: Commercial Multi-Engine and Single Engine, Certified Flight instructor Airplane & Instrument, Tailwheel endorsed, High performance endorsed

Aircraft flown: Cessna 152 / 172
Piper Arrow 2
Piper Seneca
Beechcraft Bonanza A36
Citabria 7EC
Grumman AA1A
Kodiak Quest

Dream taildragger: Super Decathlon

Thoughts on taildragging: You actually FLY the airplane! Taildraggers should be initial trainers, they make you a better pilot!

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