Jessica Vanderzwaag (Missouri)

Jessica Vanderzwaag is based at 1MO, Mountain Grove Memorial Airport, Mountain Grove, Missouri.

I am a veteran of the Air Force and was introduced to flying by an old friend. I had no idea my PPL was an option and made it work, even though it took a little while. I come from a big family whose parents taught me to work hard for my dreams – that I am capable of anything if I put my mind to it.

Ratings: Private Pilot 🙂

I have flown a Cessna 152, 150, 172. I have also flown a Luscombe and Globe Swift (but never taken off or landed these two since I do not have my tailwheel endorsement yet.)

Taildragger thoughts: The dream is to own my own taildragger and possibly airstrip one day. Big goals! Some of the coolest airplanes are taildraggers! The Piper Cub will always be a favorite along with Stearman’s, Waco’s, and all the other fun taildraggers. They all have something different to offer!

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