Jill Geary (California)

Jill Geary is based at KSEE, Gillespie Field Airport, San Diego/El Cajon, California.

I LOVE to fly. I flew for a living, and came home and flew my Pitts S-1S every day. Then one day (long story) it became clear that I needed to surrender my medical. It took me years before I could go to the airport and watch planes fly – I missed it so much it just became painful to stand by and watch…. Fast forward, I now work in the Aviation Department of a 141 ground school/College, and I’m optimistic I’ll regain at least a 3rd class medical (no I do not qualify for Basic Med). My goal is to own a Cub (PA 11 probably), take the door off, and fly low and slow!

Thank you for this website for like-minded taildragger ladies!

Ratings: ATP, Commercial SEL/SES; B-737 type; BAe-146 Type

Aircraft Flown: Started in a Cherokee 140, C-150, MU-2L, Lear 36, Sabre 60/65, DC-9, B-737, Bae-146, Yak 52, J3 Cub (straight floats and wheels), Citabria, LSA Sport Cruiser, Aeronca Chief, Bell 47-G, Bonanza, C-182 RG, C-172-XP.

Dream Taildragger: Oh gosh – probably a Super Cub or Carbon Cub. Maybe a Beech 18!?

Thoughts on taildragging: I’m an old-soul at heart (and the older I get, the older I am, too!). I miss the days where I would go hiking alone in the mountains, or reading a book by a stream. Flying a Cub with the door off, low over beautiful streams and fields, is the ultimate of beauty, and like hiking, but 10 times better!! I appreciate planes that my father would have trained in in the 40s – I’m a hopeless romantic!

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