Jill Sprockett (Ohio)

Jill Sprockett’s got a beautiful new airplane!

Jill Sprockett

Yep, a fine looking 1946 C85 Cessna 140. Jill is based at 62D, Warren Airport, Warren, Ohio.

From Jill, “I went to the Lockhaven flyin in Pennsylvania and was walking by checking out all the planes and came across a 140. I really liked the looks and the profile of the airplane and talked with the guy who owned it. He told me nothing but great things about the airplane so I went to Barnstormers and found this one. Left Lockhaven and went to Zanesville, Ohio and fell in love with this plane. A few days later went back and bought it!”

The following is a previous post dated June 9, 2010:

Hello my name is Jill and I fly a Taylorcraft F-21. I am new to the world of aviation and feel very blesssed to meet so many wonderful people. I am in the process of preparing for my check-ride, I just need to complete my cross-country. I am looking forward to attending many flyins and meeting more amazing people!


Jill Sprockett

  • jill sprockett
    Posted at 11:13h, 22 October Reply

    ya get me the info i need to get this finished before the snow starts!!! its coming soon!!

  • Blair Wise
    Posted at 14:01h, 19 October Reply

    just happened to be stumbling around looking at taildragger sies, and saw your post. anyhow, a friend of a friend, of my family’s is a CFI, as well as personal pilot to one of our other friends up in your area. I’ll try get his info, and pass it along to you, if you’d like. he is a really super guy, and flies all types of planes. turbo-props, tailwheel, you name it pretty much…….anyhow, he’s at one of those little strips up there. so……..if you’re still looking for someone to finish your time up with, give me a shout. my e-mail is skipperwbw@yahoo.com……. my cell # 440-821-6098

    W. Blair Wise

  • jill
    Posted at 12:22h, 10 June Reply

    taking the checkride with marty haski not sure when i have been having trouble with getting an instructor mine moved to columbous and is not available much. I also use a young man from kent state however he is not available much also. I am getting little frustrated. thanks susan jill

  • Susan
    Posted at 00:21h, 10 June Reply

    Hey Jill!!!

    Welcome to the group!!! How cool you are just down the road! Stop up to Moraine some time and visit! We’ll take you for a Waco ride!!! Good luck getting that cross country stuff done and study hard for your checkride! Who are you taking it with?


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