Jodie Gawthrop, Indiana

Jodie Gawthrop is based at KUMP, Indianapolis Metropolitan Airport in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Jodi Gawthrop Flying Patches the Champ


Jodi is a 19-year-old private pilot-turned-aircraft mechanic with an affinity for anything that flies. While she says she didn’t grow up in a flying family, she stumbled into aviation on her own after her first airplane ride at 13. She fell in love with the exhilarating freedom of flight, and it’s something she enjoys sharing with others. Through maintenance, she’s discovered that it’s all the more gratifying to fly when you can understand and appreciate how every component on the aircraft operates. Jodie says, “Flying is even more fun with friends from all walks of life, and the aviation community is incredibly supportive.”

Jodie has a penchant for piston engines and a passion for warbirds. Roaring radial engines, mighty V12s, and the birds they power have always fascinated her; she hopes to do everything she can to keep ‘em flying. When not around airplanes, Jodie can be found flying and chasing hot air balloons around central Indiana.

Aircraft flown: 7GCBC & 7KCAB Citabria, 7AC Champ, 8KCAB Decathlon, C-162, C-172, C-182, PA-24, PA-28, Extra 300

Dream taildragger: A polished Cessna 195, one of the classiest aircraft ever!

Jodie and the Bearcat in Warbird Alley

Why I love taildraggers: I love taildraggers because there’s something particularly beautiful about flying a fabric-covered airplane from a grass strip. It’s a nod to aviation’s roots, and these aircraft never fail to make me smile.

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