Join Jill & Judy at Mike’s OK18 AT Gaston’s Fly-in

Ladies, come on down to Arkansas this May! Jill Tallman and I will be heading for the “2013 OK18 Taildragger Fly-in at Gastons” the weekend before our Lady Taildraggers Fly-in. Jill’s planning on flying from Maryland to my home airport, MQJ, Indianapolis, on Thursday, May 23, then we’ll both depart for Gaston’s at the crack of dawn Friday morning. If Wx looks iffy for Friday, maybe we’ll try for Thursday. Mike’s Gastons fly-in is May 23-25 and the BIG day is Saturday for what looks to be a VERY cool Poker Run.

Jill Tallman

Come to Indy and join the gaggle to Gastons. We’ll have a blast, I guarantee you!

Gaston’s beautiful grass strip

If Indy isn’t on your way, we’ll see you at Gastons!

Here’s the link to details posted on  Mike’s OK18 @ Gastons

Camp with your taildragger or share a girls cabin at Gaston’s.

Send me an email or post a comment if you’re thinking about coming along!

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