Join these ladies on our LLT Fall Haunted Flying Tour!!

There’s no better way to inspire max interest in our upcoming LADIES LOVE TAILDRAGGERS HAUNTED FLYING TOUR than a slideshow.  Photos say it all, especially when featuring the ladies who will be flying and their airplanes!

As of today we have 26 airplanes registered, some for the entire week of haunted flying fun, others as life allows. I’m anxious to get final numbers nailed down so if you plan on joining us, please register now.

Haunted Flying Tour: Sunday, September 30 – Saturday, October 6, 2018

Here are a few fun facts about our flying group (subject to change as more decide to join us!) When it comes to pilots, we have 2 Lisa’s, 2 Lynn’s and 2 Wendy’s. Awesome airplanes include 4 Supercubs, a Pitts Special, and 2 RV8’s – plus a Luscombe Silvaire 8E, Globe Swift, RV6, PA-12, Champ, Maule, Rans S7, Thorpe T18 and more! Out of 26 airplanes registered, 23 are taildraggers and 3 are not. 8 Planes are camping, the rest want nice soft beds and air conditioning! And for the pinnacle of our tour, I show 22 aircraft flying into Avenger Field, Sweetwater, TX; plan on lunch together, then campers getting settled in under their wings while others check in at motel.  5:00 p.m. sharp is our WASP Museum tour followed by cocktail hour in the original WASP hangar, a delicious catered dinner and special guest speaker, back-country pilot, Wendy Lessig. We’ll finish the evening watching the sun set over Avenger Field with the marching music of the WASPs playing over the intercom …. along with a few Avenger Field ghost stories tossed in for good measure!


LLT Haunted Flying Tour Info and Registration

So sorry I don’t have everyone’s photograph. If you are registered and your picture is not included, please email to to be added.

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