Jordyn Matthews (Arizona)

Jordyn Matthews is based at KCHD, Chandler Municipal Airport, Chandler, AZ.

Hello! My name is Jordyn Matthews. On September 14, 2016 I took a discovery flight in a Piper Archer at a small airport in Chandler, Arizona. Before that day, I was a full-time orthodontic assistant who had once thought that dental was her only destined career path. Everything changed after that first flight… and it was full steam ahead! I knew that I could not sit in an office any longer, when I could be looking at the world from the sky. So I took out a loan and began working towards my private pilot certificate, which I achieved in February 2017. From there I took out another loan and started studying at ATP at the Mesa, Arizona location in June 2017. Determined not to have to borrow any more money, I studied hard and successfully passed all of my checkrides on the first attempt.

After completing ATP in January of 2018 I started instructing at AeroGuard. Let me tell you, I loved the excitement of teaching a brand new student pilot how to land! The satisfaction of building someone’s confidence in an airplane and seeing their smile when they accomplished what they once thought was impossible was more than worth the hard work it took to get there. Now, after teaching for 10 months, I’ve recently been hired by a Part 135 operation flying an Embraer regional jet on the west coast! I still can’t quite believe it. I’m very lucky to be in the place that I am today, and that aviation has come into my life. 

In true pilot fashion, there is still so much more I want to do! That small flight school in Chandler had these beautiful Piper Super Cubs and Great Lakes bi-planes that I had wistfully watched others fly every day while I was out pre-flighting or doing my own pattern work. I had mentioned wanting to get my tailwheel endorsement at a 99s meeting and that’s when I was told about Ladies Love Taildraggers. So here I am, hoping to become part of the club! I can’t wait to see what I’m missing out on!

Commercial Single-Engine and Multi-Engine with Instrument
EMB-135/145 SIC Type Rating

Aircraft Flown:
Cessna 152
Cessna 172
Piper Archer
Piper Cherokee
Piper Seminole

Dream Taildragger: Piper Super Cub or a Husky!

Thoughts on Taildragging: They are beautiful airplanes that require a lot of practice and finesse to master! I would love to challenge and improve my stick and rudder skills by obtaining a tailwheel endorsement. I want to own an airplane one day and I think having a Super Cub or a Husky would be so much fun!

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