Joyce Wilson (Texas)

Joyce Wilson is based at 4O4, Bogata, Texas.

Joyce Wilson

I’ve been flying for just over 7 years and am an instrument rated private pilot. I just got a 2005 Aviat Husky A1-B this year and built a 1200′ grass strip on our ranch. As a friend of mine said, it’s a little tight but it will keep the amateurs out.  :-).

Joyce Wilson 5

I wanted to learn on a stick and rudder taildragger to help make me a better overall pilot.

Joyce Wilson 4

I also have a 2006 Cirrus SR-22 for those longer cross country trips. I just wish I would have had the opportunity to learn to fly when I was younger. Flying will set you free.

Joyce Wilson 2

I’m the executive director of a shooting sport sport and enjoy all things outdoors. I love to hunt and have cattle, horses and now chickens on our ranch.

Joyce Wilson
Executive Director
International Defensive Pistol Association, Inc.

Dianna Stangler and Joyce Wilson

Dianna Stanger and Joyce Wilson

Joyce and Dianna Stanger won the 2014 Air Race Classic!

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