Judy’s birthday fun!

OK, so this isn’t exactly big news, but a great birthday that involves taildraggers just has to get some face time!  I’m actually amazed any kind of flying happened at all since I’ve been on jury duty all week, meaning I was calling in every evening to see if my number “13” was called.  I slipped by Monday and Tuesday with the last number called being “12”, knowing that on Wednesday, my birthday, they would call me for sure. Do you believe they jumped to “16” and I was off the hook, leaving me with one single obstruction to a perfect birthday – WORK! Well, one quick email and I got that checked off my list and finally, a fun day awaited.

Perfect day – 2 Champs, 2 happy Champ pilots!

I called my good friend Susan Theodorelos, Waco owner and pilot extraordinaire,  and suggested she take a long lunch so I could meet her at Moraine Airpark for lunch. Not only did she take a long lunch, she took the entire afternoon off, borrowed a 90 hp Champ and away we went for a 2-Champ, fun flying afternoon!

Susan driving the Moraine Airpark courtesy car

Well, maybe it has Susan’s name on the title but sure would be nice if every airport courtesy car looked this hot!

So it’s not a Waco but  I think she likes it!


Hey, it’s me –  of course I like it!!


An aviation enthusiast on left with Susan T & Emerson Stewart at Red Stewart Airfield

Here’s the Happy Champ doing what it does best!

So the break down; MQJ…Shelbyville…Norris Field (quick grass strip visit)… Moraine Airpark… Red Stewart Airfield… Middletown… buzz Norris Field… back to MQJ. Wow, what a great day and made it home before the sunset so no turning into a pumpkin today!

So sad, too much fun, so little time! Susan, let me know next time you borrow a Champ – I’ll be right there!

  • Tina Thomas
    Posted at 10:10h, 11 November Reply

    Ohhh.. way too much fun ladies!! What a great birthday Judy! wish I could have played too. Love it ladies!

    This ought go to music … ‘what a girl wants, what a girl needs’..

  • Susan
    Posted at 07:45h, 11 November Reply

    P.S. — please note also that most everyone is wearing short sleeve shirts without jackets on Nov 10th! I was nt that smart and was roasting in a sweatshirt! LOL

  • Susan
    Posted at 00:17h, 11 November Reply

    It was a beautiful day to fly!

    Taking the day off from work… $$$
    Taking the Champ on a “fly-about” $$$
    Flying with a dear friend on her birthday… PRICELESS!!

    Happy Birthday Judy!!!

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