Julia Secker-Walker (Massachusetts)

Julia Secker-Walker is based at KBVY Beverly Municipal Airport and 2B2  Plum Island Airport, Newburyport, Massachusetts.

Julia Secker-Walker and her 1948 Piper Vagabond

I flew a clipped wing cub with a friend this summer… my first flight was at sunset over beautiful Lake Champlain in Vermont, formation flying with other dropzone planes. I instantly fell in love with the stick and rudder… wind in the cockpit… intuitiveness of the controls. Shortly thereafter decided I needed my own, which I got in the form of a 1948 Piper Vagabond, and flew on a 1200 mile journey home with a good friend/ferry pilot. Since he wasn’t a CFI, my next step is learning to fly my Vagabond for many adventures to come!

I have recently explored landing after every takeoff, instead of jumping out at altitude…. 😉

I took my first flight lesson at 16 but was a full time skydiver for 4 years before focusing on my PPL. I’m 26 and I LOVE learning to fly! The freedom, the challenges, the responsibility. I currently work in private aviation sales for an awesome new company called Surf Air. I have aspirations to learn to fly aerobatics, as well as earning my instrument and commercial ratings. Someday, I’d love to teach new pilots and I want to engage more young women in flying!

Private Pilot, SEL – January 29, 2017

Aircraft Flown:
C-150 (A/C used for PPL check ride)

Favorite Taildragger: How to choose! I would love to fly a DC-3, a Pitts, an Extra…. I want to fly them all.

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