Julie Garside (UK)

Julie Garside is based at EGKE, Challock Airport, Kent, United Kingdom.

Been flying for 36 years. Was a gliding instructor for 15 years but gave up due to lack of time when I became a display pilot with a formation Team (Tiger Club Turbulent Display Team). Currently own a PIK20D glider and have shares in a Cessna 120, Grob 109b and a Duo Discus.  I have 750 hours power, 99% in taildraggers and over 1,000 hours in gliders. Member of the Tiger Club’s Turbulent Display Team displaying all over the UK and France.

Ratings: EASA PPL, Night Rating, Glider Towing Rating, SLMG, TMG, EASA Glider Pilot Licence

Aircraft flown: Cessna 120, Pawnee 235, Tiger Moth, D31 Turbulent, SV Stampe, Nord NC858S, CAP10C, Jodel D150, J2 Cub, PA18 Cub, Grob 109B, plus the odd nose wheel and about 50 different gliders.

Dream Taildragger: Staggerwing

I have a passion for vintage aircraft and for me, it is a privilege to be able to fly the Tiger Club’s Tiger Moth – the oldest flying Tiger still in constant use with a Club – 3rd one ever built.

Julia and Tiger Moth

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