Julie Jetzer (North Carolina)

Julie Jetzer is based at NC26, Long Island Airport, Long Island, North Carolina.

Julie Jetzer on left, Jill Peterson Grigorian on right

Julie Jetzer on left, Jill Peterson Grigorian on right

I decided to start learning how to fly after living in an Airpark for five years and walking past our Cessna 150 almost everyday. It started to drive me crazy so I walked up to my husband (also a non-pilot) and informed him that I needed to be added to the Cessna’s insurance since, I was going to start lessons. Even with two younger children and a home based business, with-in 1-1/2 years my husband and I were both new pilots… Wow, what an experience!

Julie Jetzer - Mommy's time out in Citabria

Julie Jetzer – Mommy’s time out in Citabria

Even after going back to school as an adult and having two children 🙂 THIS was the hardest achievement of my life, however the most empowering. Within one month I moved up into the new to us 1962 Cessna 182 named “Precious” for the family travels. It wasn’t long before both my husband and I out grew the 150 and had it on the market. It was a wonderful trainer and we will always have a soft spot in our heart for it. My honey, Mike, started looking for a taildraggers and was successful in purchasing a 1966 Citabria. He received his endorsement quickly as he fell in love with his flying. I currently have my 10 hours for the endorsement and 8 of the ten solo for the insurance company…. I can’t wait for this crazy winter to pass so I can keep building my time and play with the higher timed LLT members at our Ladies LLT Flyin this year!

NC26 Airport

NC26 Airport. Photo from Bob Perkins flying his Waco

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