Julie Richardson (Washington)

Julie Richardson is based at Vancover, Washington (1W1) and flies a Stearman.

Hmm.  Stearman. Commercial, instrument, used to be a CFII (let it lapse in 2001). None of that counts, though, since I’m just pleasure flying as a fair weather pilot these days.

Airframe mechanic, retired air traffic controller. Live on a grass runway in Vancouver, Washington (about 8 minutes from Portland Oregon PDX).

Restoring a Stearman and flying one that I borrow.  (I do lots of fabric work for its owner). I do aircraft fabric work out of my home hangar.

  • christina chapman
    Posted at 11:13h, 03 June Reply

    How cool to be airframe mechanic and retired ATC. Very impressive. Hey, why not fly that special bird of yours to my Woman Wise Airmanship Adventure. I’d LOVE to see your plane sitting on the grass airstrip at Smiley Creek. Is is situated in a basin with beautiful views of mountains all around, however landing has no obstructions. Read my brochure or info that Judy has on this website or go to mine at http://www.mindelevations.com. You’ll see you can have a booth if you want to promote your business. Optional. And, there is backcountry flight instruction, optional. Lots of fun, great info, amazing contacts. AOPA, WIA, and EAA plan to send writers to the event. Lots of great recreation from biking, kayaking, even mini facials and massage. Check it out. It’s the best time of year to fly the open cockpit!

  • Susan
    Posted at 21:35h, 28 July Reply

    Julie!! Welcome to the group and I LOVE the photos! Excellent stuff — beautiful place you have to fly out there!! Hope to see you bouncing around the skies soon!!!


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