Julie Thomas (Mississippi)

Julie Thomas is based at H75, Hernando Village Airpark, Hernando, Mississippi.


JulieThomas, Maule M5

Don’t believe that Julie is new to LadiesLoveTaildraggers though! Julie has unofficially been a member of our group since attending her first LLT fly-in at Savannah, Tennessee way back in 2014. She and her husband flew TWO taildraggers to Tennessee that year, their two young sons accompanying them in their Maule M5 and awesome Stearman. BTW, I LOVE their choice of aircraft, especially since hubby let me take the Stearman around the lake and a few landings at Savannah! It’s been a while but I remember Julie telling me the LLT fly-in was on their agenda for that weekend. It was a cold morning in Mississippi and she woke up first, got one of the boys up and moving and loaded in the one taildraggers that had heat and wasn’t open cockpit – their  Maule. I’m guessing they were well on their way to Savannah before the Stearman, hubby and son, found their way to their cold open cockpit and headed for Savannah that cold morning. 

I enjoy flying taildraggers for the amazing people I’ve met at every stop along the way! I learned to fly in college, but never had too much extra time (or money) to do a lot of flying back then… I flew C-141s in the Air Force for 10 years and now fly for an overnight cargo operation.


On my days off, I enjoy doing taildragger flying with my husband and sons. We live just south of Memphis, TN and use our plane to travel to/from our family farm in Missouri, so flying is a part of our life!


Julie, if that Stearman shows up as promised at Sulphur Springs, I’m on the dance card!!



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