Julie Vessigault (California)

Julie Vessigault considers KAUN, Auburn Municipal Airport, Auburn, California her home airport.

My first Piper Cub flight with Lonnie!

I’m not a pilot yet. I chase planes. I clean planes. Sometimes I get to tinker on planes. Sometimes I get to ride in planes. So many people learned to fly in the J-3 Cub. I wish that was still a practical way to learn. Taildraggers do the best aerobatics!

(Side note from Judy: Seems we should let Julie know what’s a “practical” aircraft she should learn to fly in. Comments?)

I have volunteered at or worked at Airshows for 6 years. This is my 7th.

At Creve Coeur, Missouri

l am beginning to get new and interesting roles and opportunities with Airshows. Also my major new years resolution is to find an apprenticeship opportunity to learn wing rib stitching and fabric covering. I’m not limited to California either. 🙂

Hanging out with Heather Jay and Laura Decker at the Chico Ranchaero NVAA Octobairfest!

Julie Vessigault


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