Juliet Lindrooth (Pennsylvania)

Juliet Lindrooth is based at North East Philadelphia Airport (PNE).


Me and the 1928 Waco GXE with a Curtis OX5 engine, right after I flew it.

Well it’s been quite a couple of years since I updated my comings and goings. First things first. September 2011, I returned to my job at American Airlines. I am now flying the B767 on long haul international routes. I have to say, I’m having a ball visiting all those exotic European, South American and Caribbean countries.

When I’m not bouncing around the world, I am happy to be flying the small stuff. Isn’t that what it’s all about anyway? On most Sundays in the summer, I am up at the very scenic Eagles Mere Air Museum in beautiful Sullivan County PA. The airport, Merritt Field (4PN7), is located on the top of a mountain with incredible scenic views all around. Ok, well the mountain is only 2000’ up, but on the east coast, that’s a mountain. The Eagles Mere Air Museum has a collection of 32 vintage airplanes. This summer we had about 22 of them actually flying. I am lucky enough to be able to fly them too.

Mostly I fly the Stearman and the Piper Cub. But on the last day we were open, I got the special opportunity to fly a 1928 Waco GXE with a Curtis OX5 engine. What a thrill. Not many people get to fly behind an OX5. The club is rather small. Especially for women. I still have my beloved Bird and did get it out a few times over to Van Sant airport in Bucks County PA. But between the weather, work and the museum, I didn’t get as much stick time as I would have liked. Next summer, we are going to hopefully summer the Bird up at Merritt Field since we spend most of our summer time there anyway. That way, I can fly it when I’m up there.

Taken from the Stearman on a beautiful day this year.

Taken from the Stearman on a beautiful Fall day this year.

Last summer I flew the Women’s air race classic. This race is an off shoot of the Powder Puff Derby from 1928. It is a cross-country race of about 2400 miles. Last summer it was from Pasco Wa to Fayetteville Ar. Out of 50 teams, we came in 13th. Not bad for my first race. Next summer, we will be racing from Concorde CA to York PA. I’m really looking forward to it. My race partner for next year is currently working on her tailwheel endorsement and is looking to buy a Super Cub. So she will be a LLT member too.

I hope everyone had a fantastic summer. Enjoy and keep flying.


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