Juliet Lindrooth (Pennsylvania)

Bird NC760Y, a true “scarf & goggles” airplane!

Juliet Lindrooth and her husband own two airplanes; a 1932 Brunner Winkle Bird BK with Kinner R55 engine and a Grumman Tiger.  Both are based at North East Philadelphia Airport (PNE).

I have been flying since I was 15 and soloed on my 16th birthday (long time ago).  I am lucky enough to fly for American Airlines for a living; however, I am temporarily out on medical disability. I am hoping to get the medical back soon. I am lucky that my husband is also a pilot and lets me fly when we go places so I can stay in practice and have some fun.

I hold a single engine commercial, multi engine atp and a type rating in a JetStream 31.  I also have non current CFI, II and MEI ratings. I am hoping to get a helicopter rating as soon as possible.

Brunner Winkle Bird BK

This summer we are hoping to do a barnstorming tour to Oshkosh with a group of friends. I will send pictures if it works out.

For a really fun day, visit the Eagles Mere Air Museum in Sullivan County PA. There are over 25 flying, vintage tail draggers up there. The museum is open on Sundays in the summer which is where you will most likely find me playing during that time.  www.eaglesmereairmuseum.org.

Also on most Thursdays, you will find me at Posey Brothers Aviation in Robinsville, NJ rebuilding vintage airplanes. We are currently working on a Pitcairn PA5 mailwing, Lark, Peit n Pol, Alexander Eagle Rock and a Pitcairn PA18 autogyro.  The Bird will be in soon getting an annual.

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