Juliet Lindrooth’s LOVE STORY (Pennsylvania)

Lady Taildragger pilot Juliet Lindrooth is based at KDYL, Doylestown Airport, Doylestown, Pennsylvania.

Juliet and Steve Lindrooth, us on our way to Tel Aviv in 2016.

I was fairly new to my job at American Airlines and so I had not yet officially moved across the country to my New York Base. I was still living in California, so commuting was quite the painful process. I got in very late one night from a trip. 2am I think. I wanted to commute home on the 10am AA flight out of JFK . I woke up at 10 am, so that flight was not going to work. I called a cab and waited. The cab showed up too late to get the 11:30 AA flight home too. At that moment, a United Flight Attendant asked if we could share the cab to JFK. I said yes. She asked where I was going and I said LA. She was the lead flight attendant on that flight.

Brunner Winkle Bird

She promised me that I could sit in first class and sleep. I was so grateful. I get to the gate to find out the flight is suddenly oversold. American cancelled their 11:30 flight. I walked down to the cockpit and asked the Captain for a jumpseat. Of course he said yes. We talked all the way across the country and when we landed in LA he asked for my phone number. About 3 weeks later, we had our first date. We married 3 years after we met and it’s been quite the wonderful ride ever since. We are the proud owners of a Brunner Winkle Bird and we fly for a vintage museum in Eagles Mere in the summer.

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