Kaelin King (Ohio)

Kaelin King is based at KMRT, Union County Airport, Marysville, Ohio.

Kaelin King

Hi! My name is Kaelin King, I’m 16 and have had a passion for flying ever since I can remember. My first trainer is a taildragger homebuilt that belongs to my father at Union County Airport and even though I have some hours in I have a lot to learn about flying. One day I’d like to pursue my love for flying by studying to be an Aerospace Engineer and with luck (and a couple more inches to pass the height requirement) I’d like to be a fighter pilot for the Navy.

Sisters Kaelin and Megan King

Currently I am working with much success on establishing an EAA Air Academy in Oshkosh Wisconsin, the aviation capital of the world, where other kids like me can come together to become the new generation of aviation icons. I have already attended a fly-in with the Ladies Love Taildraggers in Dayton and I’m very apt to get involved. I hope to attend more events soon.

Kaelin, Judy & Megan at the lady taildraggers fly-in

Kaelin King

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