Karen Croskell’s instructing for the USAF

I was tickled to hear from former airline pilot (and taildragger pilot) Karen Croskell this week. Karen’s one of us, loves her Super cub and gave up the retirement life to be a contract CFI for the USAF. Karen is based @ Kelly Airpark, Elbert, Colorado and says “you are all welcome to fly in to visit!”

“Hey Judy, I keep meaning to update you but Doss Aviation is LITERALLY flying my butt off. I lost 10 lbs in the first 4 months working there. First the USAF froze the hiring of me and another CFI for 5 months, THEN of course they needed us yesterday!”

Karen Croskell & her Super cub

“Then the other CFI quit on the day of his check-ride leaving me to take up the slack! Learning the USAF way has been a challenge but I’m really enjoying teaching these “kids”.  I was hoping to commute to work in our Super Cub (:38 vs 1:15, twice the cost but twice the fun!) but wx is always a challenge.”

So THAT’s what those cargo pods are for!

“I’m making great $ to pay for Cub fuel, just not enough time off to fly it and play!!!  I have included a photo of one of my tiny students with me and the Diamond Katana.”

Karen and her USAF student

Please keep me posted!

Fly safe,

Karen Croskell

For more on Karen, check out her LLT Pilot Profile.

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