Karen Ellison (North Carolina)

Karen Ellison is based at Stag Air Park (7NC1) Burgaw, North Carolina.
“Just wanted to give you a new photo of my Stinson. We finished the recover project this spring and she is back in the air again!”

Project: 1946 Stinson 108 Voyager.

A few shots of the process……

August 2011

“Wings done; fuselage ready to recover … this is what a naked plane looks like!”

Nov 2011

“The plane now has paint! Whoo hoo…”

Dec. 2011

“I’m sooooo lucky!! I got wings for my birthday! I married the best guy ever!! I’ll be flying again soon!”

All done


And finally flying!


The following was posted Feb 7, 2011, before the recover.

Taildraggers are the real deal!  I learned how to fly in a Piper Cherokee 6, then had to start all over to get my TW…  I couldn’t even taxi the first time I got in a taildragger.  Originally learned to fly in Idaho, so did a bunch of back country flying where the only way to go is TW.  Now here in North Carolina it isn’t as important, but still the best way to go!

This year we are re-covering my 1946 Stinson 108…  I can’t wait to see my ole girl restored to her original splendor!  Stay tuned for more!
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