Karina Skinner, Massachusetts

Karina is based at IB9, Mansfield Municipal Airport in Mansfield, Massachusetts. She is a student pilot with a tailwheel endorsement. She began to learn about planes when she was 8 years old. After that, she would read and watch almost anything she could about WW2 planes (mostly the fighters and pursuit planes). Karina decided that she wanted to learn how to fly. Two years ago her older sister got a flying lesson. Karina says, “I asked my mom if I could also go up. Two years later, I’m still flying and learning.”

Aircraft flown: Sport Cruiser (CRUZ) , Warrior PA28-151, Cherokee PA28-140, Cessna 172, Citabria 7GCBC

Dream taildragger: A Republic P-47 Thunderbolt or maybe an F4U Corsair!

Why I love taildraggers: They are such a joy to fly in! They are able to do different landings unlike nosewheel planes and it’s a different experience flying in a tailwheel! They are fun to take off in and learn about, especially when you are sitting in the pilot’s seat getting the first-hand experience.

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