Katherine Tryon (Florida)

Katherine Tryon is based at KCRG, Jacksonville Executive Airport, Jacksonville, Florida. 

I’ve had a heart for aviation for longer than I understood. My favorite memories from my childhood were when I would lay outside looking up at the airplanes. And before I met my fiance I had expressed a lot of interest in flying. My fiance has been a huge cheerleader for women in aviation and he has given me the tools to succeed. So the past 7 years we’ve traveled the East coast doing as much as possible to immerse me into the world of aviation. I’ve had the opportunity to meet folks like Bob Hoover, Huerta/Ellwell, the Rutan brothers, and so many more who’ve strengthened my love for flying. I even found out it was my uncle who was the building superintendent for the Udvar Hazy!

I’m a student pilot and the aircraft I’ve spent the most time in include a WWII L-4, Piper Cub, Taylorcraft, and even an Aircam. 💕

Aircraft flown: L-4 Grasshopper, Piper Cub, Cessna 172/182/150, Aircam, Taylorcraft, Bird Dog!

Dream Taildragger: C-47/DC-3

Thoughts on taildragging: Stick and rudder skills; they are beautiful and I love the challenge.


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