Kathleen Hegenberger (South Carolina)

Kathleen Hegenberger is based at KJZI Charleston Executive Airport, Charleston, South Carolina and KBZN Bozeman Yellowstone International Airport, Bozeman, Montana.

Kathleen Hegenberger

Hi There! I fly an L19 Birddog that I have owned since 2002. I am the SC Liaison for the RAF and have flown the Birddog back and forth to Montana and to Alaska. We fly with friends into the backcountry of Montana and Idaho and have flown from SC to Maine landing only on grass strips.

Kathleen Hegenberger BirddogAt one time we had his and her Birddogs, but now we have a Birddog and a Cirrus, our go somewhere airplane. I am a CFII and MEI, an ATP and also have a Dispatcher’s certificate as well as a seaplane rating.

Kathleen Hegenberger My Mimi Has Wings final cover jpg

Last year I wrote a book for my grandson about how I always dreamed of flying as a kid. It is called My Mimi Has Wings and it has illustrations including my Birddog.

I am looking forward to the next fly-in at Gastons.

Kathleen Hegenberger

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