Kathlene Ruhan (Massachusetts)

Kathlene Ruhan is based at KHYA, Barnstable Municipal Airport-Boardman/Polando Field, Hyannis, Massachusetts.


I’m not exactly a taildragger now, but I plan to be. I am taking my practical this coming Monday. From there, I am heading to the West Coast for endorsements – complex and high performance. When I return, I will be looking to earn my taildragger endorsement and explore my seaplane rating. I love to fly!!! And I have some hefty goals to achieve with my flying.

Kathleen Ruhan

Goals: Aviation Education for school aged kids – grades 6-12. Non profit for at risk girls – intro to flying and using those skills for nature conservancy. Taste of Aviation – non profit for girls to explore various types of flying.

Kathlene Ruhan

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