Kathryn Brenner (Illinois)

Kathryn Brenner is based at 88C, Palmyra Municipal Airport, Palmyra, Wisconsin.

I’ve wanted to fly since I was three. I recently earned my sport license and I’m going into maintenance.

Ratings: Sport Pilot with taildragger

Aircraft flown:
Sky Arrow

Dream Taildragger: Cub

Thoughts on taildragging: Taildraggers are more “real.” All I have for navigation is a compass and I love how it’s such an art as opposed to a science.

A side note from Judy

With this short post, Kathryn has officially registered for membership in LadiesLoveTaildraggers. Wonderful! But truth is, there’s a whole lot more to this awesome, determined young lady than she lets on. For more about Kathryn be sure to read Kathryn Brenner Finally Gets to Fly!

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