Kathy Harkness: Labor of Love — Horn Point Clean Up Party

Author: Kathy Harkness

Labor of Love -- Horn Point Clean Up Party

I belong to collection of classic airplane enthusiasts called the “Potomac Antique Aero Squadron.” For many years this group has hosted a spring fly-in at MD18, Horn Point Aerodrome. This property was once owned by the DuPont family, and is now maintained by the University of Maryland, who have an environmental science lab there. The university graciously allows us to continue to use the airfield but we are responsible for maintaining it. Today was our fall clean-up party, and we spent several glorious autumn hours ruining our chain saw blades on blackberry brambles, felling trees the wrong direction, and just generally acting like middle aged general aviation pilots pretending to be landscape experts.

Labor of Love -- Horn Point Clean Up Party

Only one of our number came by air but he did it in style, in a vintage Taylorcraft. Next May this beautiful grass field on the shores of the Choptank River will, weather willing, see dozens of beautifully restored classic planes competing for one of the several prizes awarded by the panel of judges. The 2014 winner of our Antique Grand Champion Award, a 1929 Fairchild Model 71, turned a great many heads a few months later at Oshkosh.

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