Kathy Quinlan (Texas)

Kathy Quinlan is based at KBMQ, Burnet Municipal Airport-Kate Craddock Field, Burnet, Texas.

I’m 66, working on my private at KHYI, San Marcos Regional Airport, Austin, TX. When weather improves I will do my dual xcountry. I’ve done a few soft field landings on grass strips and love it!!!

Ratings: Student pilot working on ASEL PPL

Aircraft flown: C150, C162, C172

Dream Taildragger: To fly a PT19

Thoughts on taildragging: My husband and my first plane was a Luscombe 8A back in the ’70s. We had a great deal of fun flying in and out little airports, some just grass strips. I didn’t take any lessons in it as I couldn’t overcome my fear of hand propping it.

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