Kati Ganzer (California)

Kati Ganzer is based at KSZP Santa Paula Airport, Santa Paula, California.

Cub Rule # 1
If it seems like you’re going too damn SLOW… You’re to damn HIGH!

I’m a Registered Nurse living in a lovely California city. My husband of 37 years and I have a Super Cub replica that we built ourselves and promptly flew to Maine and back!

This aircraft is the third we have built in our marriage, but is the first taildragger.

I’m a new licensed pilot (just 2 1/2years), but have flown with my husband as navigator since 1976.

I felt it was very important to know how to fly and be able to spell my husband – or anyone else I might be flying with – during long trips.

Of course, I love it!

Kati Ganzer

Santa Paula, CA


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