Katie Bosman Krotje (Tennessee)

Katie Bosman Krotje is based at KSYI, Bomar Field-Shelbyville Municipal Airport, Shelbyville, Tennessee.

I met many of you at C77 last weekend after my friend Liv Meuer invited me to fly to LLT with her in her Rans S-20. Wow, what a bunch of cool people! I fly and work on Jabiru Light-Sport aircraft for work (and fun). Since 2010 I’ve been building (or rebuilding, depending on how you look at it) a Vans RV-3B.

My first solo was 15 years ago in a 1946 Taylorcraft, a plane that will forever fly in my heart! I have recently begun flying rescued dogs for Pilots n Paws, and my husband and I just joined the CAF to fly and work on warbirds.

Commercial pilot SEL/MEL
Flight Instructor-Instrument, SEL
Airframe & Powerplant Mechanic

Aircraft flown: 1946 Taylorcraft, 1956 Piper PA22/20 Pacer, Ercoupe, 1968 Cherokee 140, Cessna 172 & 182, Diamond DA20 & DA40, Super Cub, Piper Arrow & Seminole, Pilatus PC12, Arion Lightning, Rans S-7S, RV-6A, Cub Crafters Carbon Cub & Sport Cub, Jabiru J170/J230/J250/J400

Katie riding left seat to the LLT fly-in in the aircraft Liv Meuer recently completed, a Rans S-20.

Ambitions: I really want to restore a 1939 Taylorcraft. I also want to work up the guts to fly a CAF T-6.

About Taildragging: There is something pure and primal about taildraggers on grass. For me, taildraggers (especially vintage taildraggers) symbolize a time when flying was all about art and adventure.

Wedding Day!

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