Katie Marsh (North Carolina)

Katie Marsh is based at KJQF, Concord Regional Airport, Concord, North Carolina.

I thrive on anything involving aviation, adventure, staying active and good (genuine) company. I got a late start with aviation and didn’t start flying till after college, but continue to believe it was/is the best investment I’ve ever made. I currently fly Cessna Caravan seaplanes for a company based in NYC during the summer months. We pick up passengers in the East River (midtown Manhattan) and take them to their weekend homes. In the winter months, the operation moves to Florida and we fly passengers to the Bahamas. I recently moved to the Charlotte NC area to be closer to my boyfriend and have been getting more involved with grassroots type flying.

Ratings: Commercial ASEL, AMEL, ASES all with Instrument privileges, CFI

Aircraft flown: C172, C182, Pitts S2B, Super Decathlon, Travel Air, Cirrus SR22, C208 (Wheeled and Amphibian) Caravan, Piper Cub, Waco UPF 7

Dream Taildragger: T6 Texan – My Grandma flew them during WWII with the WASPs. She is my hero and why I fly today.

Thoughts on taildragging: Taildraggers are the “real deal” of flying. I currently don’t have my tailwheel endorsement, but hoping to get it this year!

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