Kayleigh Bordner (Indiana)

Private pilot Kayleigh Bordner is from Bringhurst, Indiana and attends ISU at Terre Haute, IN. She is currently based at KHUF, Terre Haute -Hulman Field, Terre Haute, Indiana. Photos are Kayleigh’s senior pictures.

I am currently a freshman at Indiana State University. I am double majoring in Professional Aviation Flight Technology and Aviation Management, and I am minoring in Unmanned Aircraft Systems…aka DRONES!! I plan on using my degree in aviation to become an airline pilot and work my way up to International Caption.

Kayleigh Bordner T-6 close up

So far I have flown a J-3 Cub (which I miss very much), a Cessna 172, Cessna 340 (for only like 10 minutes), and a T-6 Texan! I can’t really explain why I love it other than 1) they are awesome! and 2) I learned to fly in the J-3 so they have a special place in my heart! I also prefer small grass strip airports where everyone is like family and greet you with a smile…like Glenndale!

Kayleigh Bordner T-6

I’ve been busy with school, work, and flying! I’ve been working on my instrument rating in a D/A-20 and I will say the planes are small but very nice…and have a stick!!! My flight instructor is great, and he’s always telling me how good of a pilot I am (thanks to Laura Stants :-P) and that I will go far! I love it here at ISU, and the classes are great but I miss seeing everyone at home and at Kokomo! I also miss the Cub…I think that’s the plane I miss the most at Kokomo/Glenndale!

Kayleigh Bordner T-6 Close up 3

If the weather isn’t too cold and dreary when I go home for Thanksgiving I’m thinking about flying it lol!

Kayleigh Bordner Cub

Not much has been going on other than school, work, and flying lol….plus I have a 5-7 page paper over the German Luftwaffe due on Friday!

Kayleigh Bordner

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