Kayleigh Bordner Pilot Update (Indiana)

      I’m very happy to post this update about an awesome Indiana pilot, Kayleigh Bordner, who happens to be the future of aviation and ladies who love taildraggers. Kayleigh is currently based at HUF, Terre Haute-Hulman Field, Terre Haute, Indiana but look out world, Kayleigh is coming!

Kayleigh Bordner

I am 21 years old and am currently a senior at Indiana State University where I am still double majoring in Professional Aviation Flight Technology and Aviation Management with a minor in Unmanned systems.


I have been flying for 4 years, accumulated 320 hours (50 of which is tailwheel!!) and now hold a commercial pilot certificate with an instrument rating. I also recently received my CFI and am now instructing at the ISU Flight Academy. My plan after I graduate is to become a Part 91 or 135 corporate pilot flying King Air aircraft to start with and working my way up. It has always been a dream of mine to fly the corporate jets such as Falcons, Globals, and Gulfstreams during my career in aviation. I also have the backup plan of flying for the airlines if a corporate job does not open up after school.



However, my true passion lies with taildraggers…especially Warbirds! I have always had a love for aviation. Ever since I can remember, when I was little I would hear an airplane and I would run outside to look up at the sky and try to find it. Any time I was around airplanes or anything aviation related I would soak up all the information I could! I was so fascinated by it! Finally at 17 years old, I took my first flight lesson in a J-3 Cub at Glenndale airport (8I3). From that point on I was hooked on flying taildraggers off of grass! There is nothing to compare to it!


With Mike Wild at Kokomo Airport

I was also introduced to Warbirds at a very young age by my dad. He has always had a love for them and he passed that passion down to me. Warbirds have a special place in my heart because my Great Uncle Buck was a B-17 pilot during WWII (guess the love for taildraggers runs in the family)! I love getting to know the veterans and listen to their stories about flying these aircraft. Carrying on their legacy and stories along with keeping these amazing aircraft flying is a huge goal that I have committed to accomplish for years to come. I have been blessed with the opportunity to fly a few warbirds. So far I have time in a T-6 Texan (Checkertail based at KOKK) and I start training in a Stearman (the #12 WASP Stearman that served at Avenger Field in Sweetwater TX). Since last year I have been able to gain 30 hours in three different Stearman.



Other aircraft flown:
– Super Decathlon for my CFI spin training
-Cessna 172, Diamond DA-20 and DA-40 (ISU), Piper Arrow (ISU), Beechcraft Sierra, V-tail Bonanza, Sport Cruisers, Glasair II, Cessna 340

Additional future aviation plans
-Obtain CFII, MEI, glider rating, float plane rating, A&P license
– Gain experience in aerobatics and formation flight

Other info
-Part of ISU Air Race Classic team 2014 and 2015, and hoping to participate again in 2016!
-Also member of the 99’s, Women in Aviation, EAA, and Warbirds of Glory Museum
-When not flying I enjoy ballroom dancing, painting, reading, and of course watching aviation movies and documentaries

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