Keep those pictures coming! 5 Airports/10 Days Halloween Flying Challenge!

I love it! Dan Wilkins’ “5 Airports in 10 Days Halloween Challenge” is motivating us to get out and fly. I know most don’t need an excuse to fly but if you’re looking for one….this is it! Dan challenged ALL pilots to fly to 5 airports, take your picture at each then email to me for posting. Hold tight, pictures below!

If you haven’t had time to get out and fly, it’s not too late. The Challenge ends Monday, October 31 – Halloween! Email your pictures to Be sure and include yourself and friends in your pictures and a description of where you are.

Here’s a few to kick things off. I’ll go first because I’m a total ham! With 3rd Class Medical reform imminent, I’m getting checked out in the Boydster’s fine looking RV7. Sorry but these gallery slideshows don’t keep photos in sequential order.

Julie Thomas has some great taildraggers and love to fly them! A Stearman, Citabria & Maule. Julie says “It was a great challenge to do the 5 airports in 10 days…It was a chance to get out and enjoy flying on some of the best days of the year!”

Donna Miller, flying her PT-22.

Bill Tracy (Supercub) has been getting plenty of flying time in. I know I’ve royally screwed up the descriptions on your pictures Bill. Help!! 🙂

Jim Savage got out and flew – in two taildraggers! “Although was is a bit windy here today, I decided to participate in the Halloween Challenge in my 1946 Cessna 140. My home airport is KBTP, Butler County Airport located in Butler, PA and that is where the round-robin flight originated.”

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