Kelli Hughes (Texas)

Kelli Hughes is based at XA99, Flat Bush Airport, Decatur, Texas.

"Kelli Hughes and Kelly Jeffries 2013"

“Kelli Hughes and Kelly Jeffries 2013”

I am an airline captain flying the 767 out of DFW. Thou I do not own a conventional gear bird, that fact doesn’t make me love then less, I love them more! I’ve been at the controls of all sorts of taildraggers – Cessnas, Luscombe, 195, Citabrias, Bellanca and Chuckie way back when going to Oshkosh with Chuckie and Doc Hosper. I LOVE taildraggers, need I say more.

Kelli Hughes Snowball Express sign

Some of my most precious passengers... Snowball Express Childre

Some of my most precious passengers… Snowball Express Children

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