Kelly McClure (Kansas)

Kelly McClure is based at KICT, Wichita Mid-Continent Airport, Wichita, Kansas but still considers 5B6, Falmouth Airpark, Falmouth, Massachusetts her “home” field too.

I am a born and raised taildragger girl, having gone by the airport immediately after being born to see my father’s Staggerwing, even before going home. The taildragger bug was bound to stick after exposure like that! All of my private pilot training was done in a Citabria, leaving me with only a little time in a nosewheel airplane. Anytime I go home to 5B6, I still fly my father’s (but really my) Citabria.

I am currently employed by Textron on a 2 year rotational assignment in which I will work with two different business units. Right now I am positioned at Cessna in Wichita, so I have been flying the 172s over at the employees’ flying club. While here I have managed to finish my 172 checkout, but only because they don’t have any 140s, 170s, or 180s!

Because I am a huge dog lover and adoption advocate, I hope to get involved with Pilots n Paws soon.

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