Kendra Hart, “The Most Flying Fun!”

Kendra Hart. Photo: Brian Lansburgh
24 Year old Kendra Hart from Arizona spent the last few days in Oregon earning her tailwheel endorsement with CFI Brian Lansburgh. Kendra is one of our 2019 LadiesLoveTaildraggers Tailwheel Endorsement scholarship winners.

Over the years we’ve sent many LLT scholarship winners to train with Brian Lansburgh at Tailwheel Town in Oregon. Brian’s not one to let tailwheel candidates off easy and he requires students develop a high level of precision control as they learn new maneuvers and the nuances of flying a tailwheel aircraft. By the time pilots complete their flight training and ground school with Brian, they are a more skilled and confident pilot. It’s the reason I love sending scholarship winners to train with Brian.

When it comes to stick and rudder skills, more than a few of our scholarship winners have received excellent reports back from Brian. In the case of Kendra, Brian writes “Kendra may be the best damned pilot you’ve ever sent me. She has a lot of talent!”

Way to go Kendra – you represented us well! We all appreciate your very kind thank you message. From everyone who donated to our scholarship program, and from Brian who significantly discounted his fee to us, you are very welcome. Following is Kendra’s feedback about earning her tailwheel endorsement.

It’s been an incredible 10 days at Sisters Airport with Brian! I have had the most fun flying I’ve ever had this past week. With the beautiful backdrop of Central Oregon, our first flight was “shaking hands” with the sporty red and silver Cessna 140 that Brian flies – to include dutch rolls, sky doodles, stalls and spins, and education on coordination without looking at the turn coordinator. We even did some irrigation pivots! After that first flight I was wondering what I’d gotten myself into haha?!

Kendra’s mountain flying intro

Our next flight focused on some landings and “multiples” – transitioning from a wheel landing to a 3 point landing and back to a wheel landing. Challenging, but so fun! We also stopped for coffee with the owner of a grass strip we flew into and even got some formation time on our way back to Sisters!

 John Renner owns this place about four miles from Sisters Airport.  Kendra and Brian flew there in a C140 owned by Walt Lasecki. In the foreground is John’s C140 and Musketeer to the left and Mike Macon’s Carbon Cub on the right.  Mike helps with formation practice and did a bit with Kendra.  The Three Sisters Mountains in the Cascade Range are in the background.

Our next day Brian introduced some mountain flying which was absolutely gorgeous (we found sheep on the mountain too!) and then moved us on to slaloms on the grass and pavement runways at a nearby field. Another difficult maneuver that Brian makes look easy. Our last day focused on a dead stick landing (gulp!) from 8,000 ft and emergency engine failures after takeoff – what a wild ride! He taught me how to hand prop too! I got out of the airplane after each flight sweaty and exhausted, but with a huge smile. 

I am so so grateful for the opportunity to come and learn with Brian – he is an incredible teacher. Patient and so knowledgeable – he has pushed me to think about flying in a completely new way and to not just accept the status quo. I have enjoyed being pushed outside my comfort zone and experiencing what an airplane can really do.

With Brian’s watchful eye, I felt comfortable experimenting and stretching my limits and it’s helped to build my confidence. I cannot say enough great things about Brian and the folks at Sisters and their hospitality.

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