Kendra Helvey (Illinois)

Kendra Helvey is based at C77, Poplar Grove Airport, Illinois.

I got my license in 2003 but have been loving, photographing, painting, riding in and watching airplanes since childhood. I have had the amazing opportunity to ride in, sometimes taking the stick or yoke of some pretty amazing aircraft including a Grumman Goose, Ryan STA, P51, B17, B25, 400 hs Stearman and a C46 among others. I’ve met some wonderful folks including my awesome husband who asked me to marry him at Kitty Hawk NC, and married me on the runway at C77, the airport we live on. Learning to fly was a dream come true. One I never thought could happen. Be careful what you wish for ladies, it may just come true!

Bill & Kendra’s wedding fly-over

I thank all of the talented women who have created this group and whose flying and aircraft building inspire me every day!

Ratings: Single Engine Land

Aircraft flown: Citabria, Cessna 152, 172, Luscombe, Cessna 140.

Dream Taildragger: A Lockheed Electra or DC3.

I love the challenge of flying taildraggers, as well as the look of a classic taildragger aircraft.

First flight with Dad, Oct 2008

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