Keri-Ann Price (New Hampshire)

Keri-Ann Price is based at 7B3, Hampton Airfield, Hampton, New Hampshire.

Pietenpol AirCamper

Mechanical Engineer, Violinist & Violist, Built a Pietenpol AirCamper. Now building a Piper Cub. Pilot from 1978.

Here are a few project pictures from Keri-Ann’s website.

No gap 3-piece wing

Have built and flown all types of model aircraft for most of my life from free flight to scale R/C. This interest started with my Dad, the late Edward L. Price, in our hobby shop in Spotswood NJ.

Passenger front side door

With an overwhelming interest in flying, I embarked on an 8-year project of building my own airplane, the Pietenpol AirCamper. As a long time member of the Buckeye Pietenpol Association my articles have been featured in numerous issues of the BPA newsletters (under the name of Garry S. Price). In building my Pietenpol, I have designed in some features to help her fly from modern airfields but, keeping true to the original design.

Steerable tailwheel

Love taildraggers, Flying Cubs at the present.

Wow! Just found your web site an its awesome.

Keri-Ann Price

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