Kim Bost (North Carolina)

Kim Bost is based at KVUJ, Stanly County Airport, Albemarle, North Carolina.

1982 LAF AFB

A graduate of University of Illinois Institute of Aviation
USAF C 9 pilot, 7 years
USAir First officer, 8 years
Small airplane owner, last 30 years

My family was one of the original settlers of the Poplar Grove fly in community and we loved all 6 years we lived there!

Airplane Multiengine Land
Airplane Single Engine Land
DC 9

1946 Aeronca Champ

Aircraft Flown: Cessna 152, 172, 182, BE-19-180, Arrow, Lance, Aztec, Cherokee 140, 180
USAF T-37, T38, C-9A
Airline- Fokker 28, B 737-200, DC-9
Tailwheel- C 170, Aeronca Champ, J-3 Cub, WACO RNF

Dream Taildragger: Tiger Moth

About Taildragging: Flying taildraggers is challenging and you feel in touch with history flying an airplane with a stick, fabric, and no electric.

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