Kim Peterson (Idaho)

Kim Peterson is based at KSZT, Sandpoint Airport, Sandpoint, Idaho.

I am a young 62 year old that has decided to get my pilots license and learn to fly to backcountry strips. We now have a 1993 PA-18-180 Super Cub and after I pass my test, are thinking about getting a Carbon Cub. I am looking to be inspired by other women that are flying taildraggers! I am just starting this dream.

(My husband has been flying for 5 years and has over 1,000 hours… we fly a lot!)

Ratings: Student pilot

Learning in a Zodiac, have practiced in the back seat of the Cub. Also, have practiced in a MT-7-235 Maule, and a 2014 Super STOL.

Dream Taildragger: Carbon Cub

Thoughts on taildragging: Love the excitement of flying to the backcountry strips in Idaho!

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