Kristen Brown (Oregon)

Kristen Brown is based at KUAO, Aurora State Airport, Aurora, Oregon.

I am a long time lurker and hang out on the (LadiesLoveTaildraggers) Facebook side. Always loved flying but only in the last few years have had a chance to pursue it.

I own a 1947 Luscombe 8A that I putter around in around the Willamette valley.

I love just about anything that flies. I like taking aviation themed vacations when I can which has presented some interesting opportunities to try new things. I got my float plane rating in Alaska last year and I went to Santa Fe to take an hour of dual in an L-39 Albatross.

I’ve also flown on a 727 ‘vomit comet’ because I figured it would be the closest I’d be able to get to being an astronaut.

Always looking for new adventures and new like minded friends.

Ratings: PPL: ASEL, ASES, and Instrument

Aircraft flown: A little bit of some things lol.
Diamond DA-20
Cessnas (150,172,177RG)
Various Piper aircraft, got my seaplane in a Pacer on floats
L-39 (only an hour but I’m counting it!)
A small amount of Cirrus time
A few hours of aerobatics in a Super Decathlon
My Luscombe!

Dream taildragger: DC-3! or maybe a U-2.. Or maybe a Pitts.. idk. Too many choices.

Thoughts on taildragging: They are beautiful, challenging, and fun. What more could you want?

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