Lacy Pollard Waldron (Michigan)

Lacy Pollard Waldron is based at KAMN, Gratiot Community Airport, Alma, Michigan.

I am a wife and mother to two little gems. I grew up around aviation. My Dad, Mom and brother are also pilots. Flying is a part of my DNA. It’s in my blood. It is a passion I have had since I was a small girl. I soloed a tri-pacer when I was 16, but never got my license. Fast forward to now, 29 years old, and recently moved a mile from a neat little airport. The bug returned! I have spent the summer flying every day I possibly could. I soloed in a BC12D Taylorcraft, and then moved on to a F19 Taylorcraft. I’ll be getting my license in the F19. I’ve finished all the flight requirements this past week and I am studying my heart out for this checkride! Once I accomplish that I’d love to go on and get my instrument rating, and commercial rating. I am excited for the future!

This Facebook page has encouraged me in so many ways! Women pilots cheering other women pilots on. Men encouraging women to do anything they set their mind to. It’s so refreshing to have support and to see other women achieving their dreams…. Or women living their dreams!

Ratings: Student Pilot, almost ready for checkride!

Aircraft flown:
Taylorcraft BC12D
Taylorcraft F19
Cessna Skyhawk

Dream Taildragger: Husky

Thoughts on taildragging: I love taildraggers because I love a good challenge. I like to be different, and I love a great adventure. Flying a taildragger meets all those criterias! 😊

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