Ladies Love Taildraggers Day at Vintage In Review OSH!

Many thanks to Ray Johnson, host of AirVenture’s daily program ‘Vintage in Review’ for declaring today ‘Ladies Love Taildraggers Day’! That’s about as cool as it gets and I assure you, three lady taildragger pilots and their pretty birds represented us well. Today’s participants and LadiesLoveTaildraggers members were:

  • Jan Johnson and her 1945 Stinson (Vultee) L-5/G Sentinel
  • Shalyn Applegate-Marchetti and her family’s 1948 Stinson 108-1
  • Heather Penney and her 1950 Cessna 170A

All three ladies are camping under the wings of their taildraggers this week and took last night’s rain and thunderstorms in stride. After a soggy and lightening studded evening they were early birds, up re-positioning their airplanes to the Interview Circle at Rose Plaza.

Kayleigh Bordner catching a Stinson 108 taxi ride with Shalyn Marchetti early this morning.

Here’s the “unofficial” photo of our Ladies Love Taildraggers’ Day in Vintage; Jan Johnson, Judy Birchler, Heather Penney and Shalyn Marchetti. Selfie courtesy of Jan Johnson.

Our “official” photo is nice — but selfies are always better!

Shalyn Applegate Marchetti presented the Stinson 108-1 she flew into OSH with her father. This beautiful bird has flown 5 generations of “Applegates” and Shalyn is the first female family member to fly her.

Stinson Voyager

Voyager panel

Jan Johnson presented her Sentinel, nicknamed “Betty Stinson” in honor of her previous owners Frank & Betty Huffman

Jan flew solo to OSH all the way from Portola, CA – if you don’t count her full-size, “silent-type” emergency evacuation passenger. Yes, there’s an access door and room for a full size stretcher behind the pilot.

What a beauty!

Heather Penney presented “Charlie”, her 1950 Cessna 170A.

The first aluminum skinned, taper-wing version of a C170

Wow, a peek inside led to this wonderful surprise. The instrument panel was recently restored and new upholstery installed.

You gotta love it!

Music to my ears! The Ladies For Liberty singing group from Louisville, KY, kicked off today’s program performing the Andrew Sisters style music from the 1940’s. They were fabulous!


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