“Ladies Only” LLT 2014 Summer Fly-in Registration

LIAI am tickled to announce our first east coast Lady Taildraggers Flyin! We’re comin’ to North Carolina! Our host will be lady taildragger pilot Julie Jetzer (Citabria & C182) who suggested it nearly a year ago. We’ve talked about it long enough and now’s the time to make it happen. Julie is the queen of organizing fly-ins at her strip, having planned 7 to date at NC26 Long Island Airport, so you know we’re in good hands.

Ladies, mark your calendars for Long Island Airport, North Carolina, June 20-21-22, 2014. NC26 has a 3000′ x 100′ turf runway 05-23 at MSL 864.

Besides our flying fun and the opportunity to meet and gather in an exclusively lady taildragger pilots group, Julie will be organizing our:

Friday Dinner

Saturday Breakfast

Saturday lunch at another location. Several fly-out lunch options being considered.

Saturday Dinner

Sunday Breakfast

This private grass strip can accomodate no more than 20 aircraft due to available overnight parking  – first confirmed accepted

Feel free to camp on the field OR make arrangements to a local motel (transportation provided). Julie says “I have my office in our hangar so some of the girls that would be open to lack of privacy could put up blowup mattresses and bunk together. Space limited so first come first serve. We are very casual here!”

Port-a-johns will be supplied

I don’t have to tell you it looks like a beauty of an airport and a gorgeous part of the U.S.

Julie Jester Photo 2 LI Airport

And just so you know what to expect when you arrive, here’s a short video shot from a J3 Cub of the approach and fly-by at NC26. 3000′ long x 100′ wide turf with homes lining the airport. We’ll be parking as many aircraft at Julie’s home with overflow in the neighbor’s yards. We have NC26 Homeowner’s board approval and they are thrilled we’re coming.


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