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Summer fly-ins can be cool events to attend but “cool” as in degrees on a thermometer, rarely. When it comes to comfort and pleasant temperatures, September fly-ins can be the best! There are way too many fantastic fly-ins across the U.S. to list but you know where they are and what I’m talking about. Fly yourself, beg a right-seat ride, or drive if you must, but get yourself to a fly-in this month. Winter’s coming and happy memories await those that get the job done!

Speaking of September fly-ins, I must confess that not all fall in the moderate temperature range. Last weekend’s Blakesburg, Iowa fly-in had us all sweltering in the sun but there was welcome relief inside the cockpit of many a flying taildragger. Although hot, the skies were clear and calm on Thursday – Friday – Saturday but the forecast for later Sunday sent nearly all airplanes scurrying on their way Sunday morning. Nobody likes rain in the forecast, pair that with forecast winds gusting into the mid 20’s and it was mass evacuation. Some of the gorgeous antique and vintage taildraggers who attend Blakesburg rarely get caught in those conditions so no one was surprised to find Antique Airfield nearly deserted Sunday evening.

LLT Award

Because of the weather, it may have been one of the least attended “Gone Home” Awards Ceremony in history, but some did stick around for this respected, annual event. Among the many awards given away, LadiesLoveTaildraggers was honored to award the “LadiesLoveTaildraggers LADIES CHOICE Award”. Many thanks to Sharon Tinkler for organizing and presenting this first ever, awesome award! Female attendees were asked to vote by choosing their favorite 2015 Featured Aircraft, attending Stinson 108’s and Curtiss-Robin aircraft.

And the winner was…….Stinson 108-1,NC8841K owned by Harve & Carolyn Applegate of Queen City, MO. This aircraft has been in the same family for 5 generations and is flown today by not only Harve Applegate but taildragger ladies Carolyn Applegate & daughters Shalyn Applegate & Taryn Pemberton! Congratulations to the entire Applegate family!

Award 2

Family accepting the Ladies Love Taildraggers Ladies Choice Award

When Antique Airfield owner Bob Taylor found out the LLT Award was being presented, he was thrilled and said everyone needs to do more to encourage the ladies to come.

Sharon Tinkler & Shalyn Applegate posing with the award winning Stinson 108-1

Sharon Tinkler & Shalyn Applegate posing with the award winning Stinson 108-1

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