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Yes, seriously! I would like to find a few people willing to take on some pretty big tasks to help LadiesLoveTaildraggers continue to thrive and grow. They are very specific in nature and entail a lot of detail & follow through, but I’m guessing someone will come to my rescue. If you’re interested, please read on.

First, I should give you a little LLT background information to kick this request off. When I started LadiesLoveTaildraggers a little over 5 years ago everything involved was pretty easy to manage. My biggest problem back then was figuring out how my WordPress blog program worked and trying to find new lady taildragger pilots. Things have grown and changed since then and I’m still working hard on both those. Outside of LLT, I have a career and work nearly full-time. We now….

  • host an annual Lady Taildraggers fly-in somewhere in the US & raise funds for veteran’s causes
  • gather at AirVenture, participating in a variety of events
  • gather at Antique Airfield at Blakesburg, Iowa
  • support a Ladies Only Fly-in at NC26, North Carolina
  • award Lady Tailwheel Endorsement Scholarships
  • host a Facebook group with 650 members
  • gather at “Beech Party” in Tullahoma, TN, October 15 – 19, 2014 for a LLT fly-in rendezvous (watch for announcement soon!)
  • For 2015, LLT members to fly legs of the entire U.S. Postal Service 1921 delivery route, coast to coast (watch for announcement)
  • design and sell LLT tshirts at our on-line store to help spread the word about LadiesLoveTaildraggers
  • make presentations to interested groups and EAA chapters about our growing group of amazing ladies

The great news is, I have help with LLT from….

  • Anne Wright who is adding each new LLT member to our GoogleMap so we can find each other throughout the world; LLT Gals Maps
  • Gayle Crowder who is monitoring the Facebook group and approving new members
  • Julie Jetzer who organized the wonderful Ladies Only NC26 Flyin for us and is already working on next year’s
  • Sharon Tinkler who is organizing the Beech Party this October AND the 1921 U.S. Postal Service flights for next year

Ok, Ok, so what am I asking for? TWO biggies!

  1. Someone to handle our 2015 LLT fly-in; find prospective locations, plan events, arrange all food, camping, hotels, transportation, everything. It’s a big deal, I know. I’ve handled the last five fly-ins so I know it’s asking a lot, but it’s possible to do.
  2. Someone to take over the Ladies Tailwheel Endorsement Scholarship program. In the past we’ve posted a link to donate on the LLT website, ‘passed the hat’ at OSH, solicited product donations followed by an on-line auction and cash donations for same at our flyin. It would be wonderful to continue to award 2 scholarships each year.

Our LLT mission continues to be, “Encourage women everywhere to have fun flying a taildragger!” 🙂  Please send an email to or find me at OSH if you’d like to volunteer for either of these much needed positions. I’m trying my darn-est to fly my S7 and your help will make all the difference!

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