LadiesLoveTaildraggers TX Fly-in CANCELLED


Just in from Joey Baker @ KSLR: This afternoon’s thunderstorms tore part of the roof off the KSLR terminal building, Ag-Cat is on top of the fuel trucks and doors are blown in at Legend Cub. Other damage is being evaluated. The LadiesLoveTaildraggers KSLR Texas Fly-in is cancelled.


  • Rain & thunderstoms have plagued Texas for weeks on end. The ground is super saturated with additional heavy rain on the way.
  • Sunday (yesterday) they received 2.6″ additional rain
  • Today they are receiving 2″ – 3″ more
  • The rain & thunderstorm outlook for Wednesday is 80%, Thursday 50%, Friday 60%, Saturday/Sunday 50% to 60%.

There is no rain date. The 2015 fly-in is cancelled. I’m very, very sorry but mother nature presented a situation this year no one could have forecast. Our condolences to anyone at Sulphur Springs with damage. I want to thank Joey Baker at KSLR for the incredible amount of time and energy he personally put into planning and organizing this event. You may not realize the effort it takes to plan and coordinate a good fly-in, but I guarantee you, we owe Joey much. If you have time, please drop him an email expressing your appreciation: jbaker[at]sulphurspringstx[dot]org.

Don’t forget to cancel your motel reservations.

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